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Taking over ME 🙏🏻 #dailyuplift #whatdoyouseeinthemirror #recreateyourself #energyiseverything #spi

About Cara

Spa Director/Owner
Instructor of Training 
Certified Medical Aesthetician
Professional Make-Up Artist

Hello Kind Souls of Owen Sound and thank you for taking the time to read my short story. As most of us try to discover upoun initial conversation here, yes, I’m a local 🙋🏻‍♀️. Born and raised here in Owen Sound. Allow me to bore you a little with a brief overview of my life, as a way to reintroduce myself to my hometown. My school years were spent here and like many, I was eager to leave our small community to seek opportunity in the city. I did the whole college & university thing in London, ON starting at 17 and it took turning 23 to realize I should enter the trades. My daughter was a toddler when I decided to take Medical Aesthetics at Fanshawe College. The goal was always to work for myself. I worked hard, raised my daughter, struggled through tough life decisions and worked for a few high profile spas once I graduated. I hated it. I was told what to wear to work, how much make up I should have on and worked far too many hours for the money I was making. My first job was like an esthetician boot camp. And while the experience of seeing how spas operated was beneficial, the only thing I took away from it was knowing it wasn’t where I belonged. I had worked as a PSW for agencies across London prior and I missed taking care of people, so I decided to find a way to combine the two fields. In a short time, I found a room for rent in a retirement home and offered service to many who received their first facial or manicure EVER. They told me stories of the past, I gave them a service once considered luxury. I loved it! A year later, I was recruited by a cosmetic medical clinic here in Owen Sound to manage both spa & surgical patients. I stayed 4 months here before taking over their clinic in Ottawa. Off we went, 8 hours away from all family (just the two of us) where we would explore, grow and discover that 3 years later, Grandma needed us home. We returned to spend 3 short months with her until she passed, fully intending to leave again only to discover a life here in Owen Sound. I was offered a position here at a successful salon and shortly after met my Prince Charming. My daughter initially begged to go back to the city and later would tell me to forget it. Life was here now. Family, loyal clients and a move to the country had us reconnected to the community. So here I am. I’ve met amazing people, reconnected with childhood friends and decided without hesitation that I’ve found my tribe. I’m where I belong. Opening this Spa & Training Studio was inevitable with the support of all those magical people in my life. It is the next step in creating positive energy, growth and the ability to inspire others to believe in themselves. The story isn’t even close to over, but here I am.... this is me. Really! I’m here to make impact, positive change and genuine connections with clients coming to visit, students enrolling to learn and the amazing team of women surrounding me.
So here we go!


About Alychia

Certified Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Registered Nurse 

Owner of Ms. Diva's Cosmetic Nursing

My name is Alychia Thibodeau.

I am a GBHS operating room Registered Nurse and Certified Cosmetic Injector through the Chellsey Institute.

I have been in the health care field for over 10 years.

I have specialized in facial revitalization through botox and dermal fillers.

My goal is to maintain and restore the youthful and natural glow in men and

women through providing client centered care in a safe and positive environment.

I am accepting new clients by contacting me directly at 226-974-1983

or through email at

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